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where to buy canes

Where to Buy Canes?

Canes & Kindness: An Online Store with Two Goals. 

  1. Provide you, the walking canes shopper, with a wide selection of quality made walking canes.
  2. Do some good in the world.

Paying it Forward

We believe that honestly helping people in need not only helps the receiver but also helps the giver. Being kind develops a strong character, one of goodness and integrity. That is why embedded in our name, Canes & Kindness, is the objective of doing good. Kindness, in this sense, is giving a percentage of our profits to those in need.

We will seek out someone who has an illness, an ailment, or a disability and feature that individual on the main page of our store front, describing their story and their need. We will set a monetary goal that will be awarded to them for the purpose of providing some type of relief, however big or small that may be. 

Quality Walking Canes

When you are deciding where to buy canes, you can rest assured that Canes & Kindness will not neglect the quality needed to give you the physical support necessary during mobility activities. Our wooden free forming canes are hand made from real wood and undergo meticulous inspection for quality before leaving the warehouse. These canes are made in Texas and sold from Texas, and are shipped all over the contiguous United States. 

Our wooden canes are made from a wide variety of species of trees. This gives you the ability to match your cane to your assisted mobility needs. Wood types can vary among tree species, attaching characteristics such as strength, beauty, reliability, and rustic. Allow these qualities in your cane to match your needs or your personality. Canes are not only a medically assisting device but can also serve as a fashionable accessory.

Please feel free to contact us if you don't see the walking cane you're looking or  you have questions before you make your purchase. We want you to be confident when making the decision about what cane would fit you best.

Let there be no question where to shop when you go online to find out where to buy canes. See our storefront by clicking here.



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